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super mario run tips and tricks

We’ve been waiting since the morning. The Americans already had it, but in the rest of the world it was being prayed. And finally, in the middle of the afternoon yesterday , the Spanish App Store warned us that we could already download Super Mario Run , Nintendo’s second app and first in which debuts its biggest icon, Mario plumber. Do you have iPhone, played the demo and could not resist paying the 10 €? Well take a look at these tips to become a master of the endless runner nintendero that takes 24 hours to raze.

Beat the Bosses

In the style of other classic Marios like the NES or the first Mario Land of Game Boy, you can defeat the final bosses by passing underneath them and activating an element on screen to defeat them. This requires skill and very well synchronize our movements to pass underneath at the specific moment, but did you know that you can also pass by above skipping them ? Just make sure you have eaten a super mushroom before to protect you in case the Boss gets to touch you.

Special Coins

If you are just going to spend the game without more in its History mode, then it will not last you more than an hour – and it is 10 € what it costs. On the other hand, if you want to extract all the possible juice from your investment, you will have noticed that in each level there are five coins to get. And there’s the real challenge, as reaching the flag and passing the level is easy, but keeping all the coins in one phase requires practice and give it several laps to each level. When you get them all they will appear more to get and there will be changes in the level enemies . And if you also get all the coins, you will have a third round with coins placed in very complicated places, just like the enemies.

Other characters

Can not you get all the coins? Try another character. Super Mario Run has a total of six characters. You start with Mario and you can unlock others like Princess Peach, Luigi or Toad. And each one comes with unique abilities, such as Peach,which is able to float in the air with no time limit after jumping. Mario can only do this for a short period of time, so unlocking more characters seems the key to getting all the coins.

Save and Extra Coins

If you have been a Nintendo user for a long time, just put your account in the app. But if you are not you can create a Nintendo account and save your progress and at the same time unlock characters like Toad. Another tip is that when you reach the final flag stick you jump to the top, because if you get right up there at the top, the game will reward you with 10 extra coins . The lower you stay, the less coins. If you want more tips here we leave you a link to the Guide to tricks and tips for Super Mario Run that the experts of MovilZona have written.

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