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Instagram. THE PERFECT platform for illustrators, photographers, actually everyone who is visually on the go. Because on Instagram count the photos like nowhere else. This also makes Instagram quickly a glamour magazine. It means that the photos that are posted there must be really good. To understand in advance, we as illustrators should handle our account as a business account.


We are on Instagram to attract new customers, build the number of instagram followers to reach cooperative ventures with companies. For this reason, the dinner in the pan and the painted toe nails in the closeup are nothing, but nothing at all. Imagine you are looking for an illustrator and then see such photos in it. I would immediately click on.

It does not mean that you can not even post a great bouquet. Because he has a meaning, if he serves you as an inspiration for the great illustrations. Or the fantastic photo of the beach where you recovered and made new ideas.
Everything is possible (as long as the photos are great). But they should not have the upper hand. I would say 10% inspiration, 90% illustration, sketchbook, pens, chaotic (or tidy) desk, etc. Because that’s why people actually want to follow you.

And I know the very big accounts like to show more than 10% offtopic. This is because they are so big now that they know everyone and want to know more about them. This is like the gossip magazine at the hairdresser’s.

But with the smaller accounts is not given. I do not know who your grandpa is or are interested in whether you had pizza for dinner.

With the growth of the account, the content can change, but at the beginning, the followers are primarily interested in your illustrations and all that belongs to them.

Customers also do not have time to dig for hours through eternally long feeds to find an illu between all your private photos.

If you want to post more privates, then consider creating two accounts. You can now switch with one click between multiple accounts within the app back and forth.


If you post photos on Instagram (also photos with illustrations, sketches & co), really should take time for this. We all scroll through our feed in wind ropes. Which photos do we keep short and distribute a little heart or comment? Only at the most amazing. And that is exactly what we should aim at.


Photos with too little light (eg the sketchbook that was photographed at eleven o’clock in the evening and then has a gelbstich) we can sort out immediately. They do not stop us in our wild scrolling. Then do not post the day prefer anything and do the photo the next day when you have light.

The best way to get your own style for your feed over time. This can be about the way of the composition, the angle of view, the color …


Use your 150 characters + link, which Instagram provides to you. I see so many accounts that do not make use of it.

But these are exactly the things that are first noticed by your profile visitors.
For your profile, you actually have two options that make sense: either a small icon, illustrated by you, by which people recognize your character style and get more of your illustrations. Or, variant no.2, a photo of you. And here again is a really great photo meant. You, smiling and sympathetic, with lots of light. Because followers are more interested than ever before for the people behind the accounts.

If you decide to use the illustration, post a picture of yourself in your feed now and then, so that you can build up a personal connection with your followers and bring in a personal touch.

In the bio you should briefly describe who you are / what you do. For me as an illustrator it could be something like “Kinderbuch illustrator from Stuttgart, loves bright colors and has a soft spot for social media.” The factor Social Media would simply connect the follower (I call it) hobby of me. A possible added value. I could have also written “illustrator. Knallbunt and cheerful. Stuttgart. Iced Latte every day. ”
Become a bit creative, but be sure your profession comes as an illustrator. If there is enough space, you can still put in a private part.

The email does not occupy any more space, because as a business account (which you can find in the settings), there is a new button for an extra button.

Learn how to : View private profiles on instagram


Without Hashtags on Instagram nothing. Because you are “accidentally” found by others. You can use up to thirty.

1. Use niches rather than the very large ones. With the big ones you will never be long in line one, but right after the post somewhere in row ten land, because all the others use the same Hashtag. Best example #illustration. It has millions of entries. At Niche-Hashtags you have the chance to make it into the Top Nine. And they get a lot more attention, of course.

Find these hashtags by looking at other illustrators. You can always click on the hashtags and then get more relevant. It’s a bit of work, but you’ll be able to create a list, and then simply paste it by copy and paste each time you post a new picture.

2. Do not put the hashtags directly into the picture description . Because that looks too much for spam. Post your picture quite regular. Then go over your account again in the photo and comment (as you do with other photos). In the comment you put your hashtags. The advantage here is that, as soon as others comment, the hashtags are no longer visible and disappear under “more comments”. Even better🙂


Instagram belongs to the Social Media section. Social !

This means, if you have postponed your photo, do not go out again straight out of the app, but reply to comments, which may be the same to your post. Click through other profiles, comment there. Behind all accounts are people. We are all happy about the little ones and comments and maybe even new contacts we can build on.

If you use Instagram only to post photos, but otherwise not, there will be no success. I do not really know an app, where so much interaction takes place as on Instagram (Snapchat would be the alternative with many chats).

Also take part in Challenges, use their hashtags and become part of an entire community. For example, as we do with # successfull illustrator . This is almost like a family over there and I like to click in there again and again and look at your pictures.


Instagram Stories is a great way to give a little more of yourself. And as I mentioned earlier, the people are more interested than ever in the person behind the accounts. Storytelling. All this is so wonderfully easy with Instagram Stories.
You can post short videos, use photos, text in it, draw … who knows Snapchat knows how this works. Snapchat is crazy, has gorgeous witty filters, great geotags. All this has not Instagram. It is wonderful clean and your followers are already there and just have to click on your profile to see more of you. Most of the illustrations I post in my real feed post, have a making of in my story . Talk about the story, Because it can be sent out of the story with only one click direct messages back and forth. So this is a step further than the public comment under your image in the feed. I love Instagram. And I could talk about it for hours. So, if you want, leave a message here in the comments and we’ll chat a bit about Instagram.

Instagram (and Periscope) made me start my 365 Doodle Challenge last year. And all this developed so much more.

Think about how you can use Instagram. How you get value from it. Have fun with it. Instagram is for us creative as made. Because yes, customers can find us there. I hear madly great success stories from other illustrators, which happened to them on Instagram and was eg synonymous itself there by a publisher discovered.

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