Learn How To Win On Brawl Stars Every Time : Brawl Stars Hack

Learn How To Win On Brawl Stars Every Time Brawl Stars Hack

What are the best to use in battle Brawlers to win gold coins and experience points?

We assume: there is no perfect Brawlers for all of Brawl Stars hack game mode. There may be some very versatile, allowing you to get a positive response in multiple types of battles, but that does not mean it’s the same for other types. In this article we try to take stock of the situation on the best and strongest Brawlers who have these characteristics.

Let’s start with Shelly, the very first Brawlers unlockable Brawl Stars: do not be fooled by appearances. Usually the first character of the fighting game is also the most balanced, in this case we speak of a tremendously powerful character that is used by the top players in the game in person.

Due to its ability to shoot and hit with a radius covering an average distance both in depth and width, you can hold off the physical and most fearsome enemies such as El Primo. Since it is a Brawlers from a distance but by high health attack allows you to quickly accumulate energy for the Super abilities. That’s right, his Super attack does such a powerful damage also break barriers in the area. It is used in almost all game modes present in Brawl Stars, albeit encounters some difficulties in Survival mode.

Remember that Shelly shots are more powerful in proportion to target proximity hit.

El Primo, physical fighter

El Primo is along with Shelly one of the most beloved Brawlers: inflicts physical damage, this will force you to find a way to reach out to opponents, however if you can not let escape to almost any enemy that can not stand a chance as the punches unleashed by this character.

A good tactic is to wait in the tall grass hid the approach of enemy players and only then out of hiding to defeat them. It offers excellent coverage especially in Survival mode, Smash & Grab or Bounty, recommended maximum for mode Heist.

Barley and Dynamike, the Brawlers assault Remote

Barley and Dynamike have almost the same characteristics: they attack at a distance throwing bottles (the first) and dynamite (the second). Both work perfectly if you place behind the walls (indestructible) and launch hidden their weapons. This will keep a distance enemies and will take action in darkness without being targeted, and without invading or greatly exceed the allied area of ​​the playing field.

They are pretty much used to a huge extent in Heist mode, Bounty and Smash & Grab.

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