Game review: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

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Hello gamers! Today we are going to review this absolutely amazing game called the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links. Yeah a lengthy name it is. Today we will decode each and everything about the game from its game play, graphics to how you can play this game. So, let’s not waste too much time and dive into the in-depth review of yu-gi-oh duel links. We will also introduce you to an amazing tool which can help you excel in the game.

The Game play

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a game in which you have to win the duel by using your deck strength. For those who have watched the Anime series, it will be a nostalgic moment for you as most of the cards can be recognized and are from the anime series. Battling in this game is pretty easy too. The majority of the control just requires you to swipe and they are really accurate. The game becomes less complicated from its previous version due to the facts that it uses the old cards only. Four types of summoning are there the Normal, Special, Fusion and Ritual Summoning.

Graphics of this game are up to the mark, we can’t expect anything more from a card based game.

Some changes from previous versions

Deck size limit has been decreased from 40-60 to 20-30 it’s a big drop but now the games will be more strategic and faster.

The second change is a little disappointing for the fans of this game. The size of the arena has been decreased. Now you can only place three creatures and three spell cards only. Previously it was 5 for creatures and 5 for spell.

The final change that we saw in the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links hack is that now players can draw only 4 cards at the start of the match and it totally obvious as the size of the decks is reduced now.

The Final Verdict

We really loved this game due to the good changes that are introduced in it. We really think that this game deserves the storage space of your mobile. We will give 4 out of 5 stars to this game.

The Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links Hack

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Learn Some Really Cool Information About Clash Royale

Learn Some Really Cool Information About Clash Royale

In clash royale game you collect cards that we use later in the battles in the arena. It sounds fun, but in reality in a skirmish there are only 8 cards. It is not enough, and sufficiently, because the entire game lasts a maximum of 4 minutes, consisting of three phases (to be discussed below). The game mechanics Clash Royale cheats gems and gold resembles some type games MOBA. In the arena we have 2 paths that follow summoned by us kreaturki. Any use of the card consumes a resource elixir, which can have a maximum of 10 units.


Step 1: lasts 120 seconds in this stage as the whole battle we are trying to gain an advantage over your opponent, but full of “health” and the towers of the castle makes us feel relatively safe.

Step 2: Elixir x 2! it takes 60 seconds for the stage production of Elixir is doubled, we have to be much better reflexes and experience in the use of cards. If after this stage it is still a tie (you and your opponent have as many believe), step 3.

Step 3: Sudden Death! It lasts 60 seconds as in step 2 production Elixir all the time is doubled, but the fact that every little mistake will lose introduces a lot of nervousness. At this stage, who first loses even the tower loses. Frequently at this point to teach players with weak nerves :), and the fact of how quickly the situation can change in favor of more self-possessed opponent makes the time we wanted to throw the phone … too quiet! Each point is lost on losing ground to make up, but we need to have a powerful machine on which the play